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  • Influx of opportunities to purchase a home, car or luxury items without financial concerns
  • ​Access to boundless investment opportunities with tremendous returns
  • ​Unexpected emergency money flooding into your life when you need it most
  • Spiritual protection from debts and financial pitfalls during struggling financial times
Now it’s your turn to join others who are ‘wearing their wishes for godsent money windfalls’ on their sleeves and watching them manifest into reality.

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Dear {{name}},

If you would like the opportunity to start manifesting your true wealth with one of God's greatest divine creation within the universe - the Angel of Wealth - then this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

I am about to reveal to you how you can change your life by using a very special and sacred prayer bracelet that has helped Israelite farmers transform their lives into becoming wealthy merchants in ancient Kabbalah times...

The universe has picked out this bracelet especially for you to wear, with a sacred, mystical energy that will arm you with money attraction properties to achieve your desired money miracles.

This bracelet is not insignificant. And neither are you.

The fact is, the Cosmos is ALWAYS watching out for you, and wants the best for you.

No matter what your financial circumstances or what you’ve been through…Nothing is stronger than the combinations of Archangel Sachiel and Blue River Stone when it comes to manifesting unexpected financial blessings.

Archangel Sachiel is the #1 Angel when it comes to manifesting luck with money blessings

God created Archangel Sachiel to help you live with freedom and independence.

Archangel Sachiel is known as the patron saint of Wealth, Water, Success & Prosperity.

He governs the godly money on Earth and is the ONLY worshipped Angel for wealth and financial windfalls during ancient Kabbalah times.

Also known as the Chief of Cherubim and a Messenger of God’s Love, Archangel Sachiel protects the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life.

Whenever you invoke him, his heartfelt wish for you is for life to become as flourishing and abundant as Garden of Eden as he bestows blessings of abundance, prosperity, and success into your life.

You can call upon Archangel Sachiel ANY time you need help with manifesting money… In fact, he loves when you call upon him.

Sachiel wants to support you in achieving your deepest wishes.

He will intervene on your behalf to help you achieve your wishes for money…as long as those wishes come from a positive intention for you or for someone else.

As a child of God, it is your divine right to receive financial abundance in all its forms at every stage of your life.

God and Archangel Sachiel want you to be prosperous and abundant.

And there’s more…

Did you know that there's a sacred stone found in Archangel Sachiel's river that is said to have an unmatched angelic connection with Sachiel?

This stone has profound mystical powers to grant all sorts of money prayers and attract immense prosperity.

More than any other stone… The Blue River Stone helps you to activate your energy vibration, creating a powerful forcefield of attraction to money and wealth

The Blue River Stone is known as the most powerful stone to attract money and success.

Made from Lapis Lazuli, it is widely regarded as the 'sacred stone of water' in the ancient Kaballah times because of its cosmic rarity and unique water properties.

Found only in rivers and waterfalls that have been blessed with Archangel Sachiel's celestial energy, its energy can magnify the frequency of a desire for money… more so than any other stone.

This is because the water energy from the Blue River Stone is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many cultures.

As an essential element of life, water is said to be a powerful life force and attractant of wealth due to its ability to cleanse and purify energetically.

Associated with the flow of money and wealth, the presence of this water energy can help rid your space of any negative energy that might be blocking your ability to attract wealth.

Having this water energy around you creates a passageway for money to channel into your life, like a river.

Furthermore, flowing water symbolizes money coming in, and the Blue River Stone's immense affinity with wealth can help to cleanse and purify your space, making it more conducive for the accumulation of wealth.

Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians…to Kabbalists have relied on the sacred presence of the Blue River Stone's water energy to ask for help to create new abundant realities where they could manifest their heart’s desires at will.

These desires were frequently connected to manifesting money in all its forms.

And it works especially well when that desire is to have money come to you in the easiest way possible…by winning it!

And here’s the best part…

Archangel Sachiel has a special holy connection to the power of the Blue River Stone's water energy… here’s why…

Archangel Sachiel can help position you in the middle of his Divine Waterfall, allowing money to flow to you like water
As you know already, Archangel Sachiel is the #1 Angel to help manifest desires for money.

Archangel Sachiel said: what will be asked in prayer, will be granted.

And when you wear the River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet containing the Blue River stone, you channel the energy of Archangel Sachiel more than doing anything else.

Archangel Sachiel has a strong affinity with the water energy in the Blue River Stone.

Besides being the #1 Angel of Wealth, Sachiel is also the Angel of Water.

During ancient Kabbalah times, Sachiel was the Archangel who helped the Israelites escape from slavery in Egypt and cross the Red Sea.

After the rescue, he found the Israelites a safe place to stay and created a river blessed with his divine energy, meant to protect and nourish them.

Shortly after, the Israelites discovered the sacred blue river stones that allowed them to manifest their godly money desires, which helped them to eventually go on and become successful wealthy merchants of the Mediterranean sea.

The Israelites contributed a large part of their life-changing success to the blue river stones and decided to name the river 'Sachiel's River of Wealth'.

Hence, the water energy radiated from the River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet has immense celestial synergy with Archangel Sachiel's energy.

When you combine effects of Archangel Sachiel and the Blue River Stone you can become an unstoppable magnet for attracting explosive wealth in your life on a different level

Using the Blue River Stone's water energy by itself is an amazing way to magnify your power to win money or attract financial blessings in your life.

But when you combine that with the presence of Archangel Sachiel…you take your ability for money wins to the next level.

The River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet is the embodiment of the affinity between Archangel Sachiel and the Blue River Stone's water energy.

This bracelet can guide you to the path of least resistance and bring you unimaginable wealth luck. It will also protect you from any financial hardships or obstacles that come your way.

With this bracelet attracting the right people and opportunities into your life, you are sure to achieve success in all your endeavours even whilst asleep.

While Archangel Sachiel opens you up to the floodgate of wealth, extra cash to pay bills or a dream you've always wanted...

Thousands of people from all around the world have been using these bracelet to manifest their desires.

And you can too! As long as you use them with good intentions...
As the most sacred and powerful symbol of Archangel Sachiel's Blessings, the River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet is a must-have for anyone seeking guidance in financial breakthrough.

When you call on Archangel Sachiel and ask for his help with this bracelet, he will open the floodgates of heaven and allow the Universe to provide for you in ways you never thought possible.

Be it in terms of your career, investments or love life - this bracelet will serve as your good luck charm in every area of wealth.
  • ​Create a powerful forcefield of energy around you to attract positive people, situations, and resources into your life that will support your wealth-manifesting efforts.
  • ​Generating money luck from various sources and removing yourself from the clutches of incapability.
  • ​Release yourself from financial shackles as you discover new and innovative ways to make money.
  • ​Experience positive changes to your career as you begin to see bonuses and promotions come your way.
  • ​Attract a surge of business deals and investment opportunities with flourishing returns.
The best part? River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet is not only the perfect gift for anyone who is starting a new business or making a big investment but also for people who are  simply looking for some extra luck in life!

Recent Reviews from our Wonderful Members

"This bracelet has opened doors of opportunity that I never knew were possible. Having recently been laid off by one of the major tech firms, I was lost and hopeless. But 3 weeks after wearing the bracelet I received a job offer with 1.5X my previous salary! All glory to God and dear Archangel Sachiel, Amen!" 
Jen  From United States
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)" I have never felt so in tune with Christ than ever before with this bracelet. I have been struggling with poor investment decisions until this bracelet came into my life. Within 7 months I managed to double my investment portfolio despite the ongoing economic downturn. AMEN!"
John  From United Kingdom
"I had been wanting to start my own business for years but never had the confidence to take the leap. After receiving this bracelet as a gift, my energy felt vastly different and my fear disappeared into thin air... I finally took the plunge and within 6 months my business was up and running and now I am making more money than I ever thought possible!"
Rachel from Australia
"I was skeptical at first but after wearing this bracelet for just 1 week, I could already feel the positive energy it was emitting. Not only did it help me attract more wealth and abundance into my life, but I also felt a lot closer to God and fellow followers of Christ. I would highly recommend this bracelet to anyone seeking to improve their life in some way!"
Sarah from Canada
"Thank you almighty Sachiel for your unfailing love and blessings! I just won the scratchcard yesterday after a few weeks of wearing this bracelet! A financial windfall indeed, I am now close to being able to retire before I turn 50 thanks to this unexpected money bestowed by Archangel Sachiel!"
Mike from United States
"A friend recommended this bracelet to me when I was going through some tough financial times. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did! Within a week of wearing it, I received an unexpected windfall that completely turned my life around!"
Emma from United Kingdom

Manifesting your unexpected miracles with this Archangel Sachiel River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 - Make a Prayer

Close your eyes for a few seconds and make a prayer for the miracle that you wish to attract.

Let your mind be silent so that your desires will come to you.

Your prayer could be something as simple as receiving a windfall the following week to pay the rent.

When your first wish reveals itself to you, write down your wish on a small piece of paper. It could be any paper, as long as it is a sincere wish from your heart.

Once done, that's when you call upon Archangel Sachiel for help and draw on his strength, for he will read and grant your prayers.

Step 2 - Wear Your Bracelet

Tuck the paper inside the special holder on the prayer bracelet.

Wear the bracelet around your wrist or keep it close to you.

Find yourself in the middle of Archangel Sachiel's Divine Waterfall.

Crystal clear gentle water runs through your energy fields and cleanses them.

It feels so loving and nourishing, you want to stay under that Waterfall forever.

Archangel Sachiel has brought his Magic into your life now.

When you are ready to receive, the bracelet will help you attract wealth from all around you.

Love the money, get in the fast-flowing River of Wealth and live your best life on Earth.

Step 3 - Let the Universe Work Its Magic

How often can you call upon Archangel Sachiel for miracles?
As long as you reach out in with good intentions - there is no limit.

For as long as the bracelet is on your wrist, Archangel Sachiel's presence will always be with you and money will never dry up.

Moreover, Archangel Sachiel acts as an Messenger between people and God by overseeing prayers and granting wishes.

This bracelet will allow you to establish a deeper relationship with God and bring your faith in him to the next level.

Here comes the fun part. This is where you sit back and start to open yourself up to the multitude of miracles that will start to flow to you.
  • More peace and contentment in your soul
  • ​Arrive at a financial breakthrough and discover the ways of being a good steward
  • ​Greater protection from evil influences, be at peace today knowing that your very life is watched over from the higher angelic realms
  • ​An abundance of blessings in your church and family
  • ​Greater guidance and healing in your mind, heart, and body
For this is no ordinary River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet...

An Exclusive Angelic River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet 

  • ​Beautiful handcrafted stunning porous Blue River Stones blessed through a singing bowl using the vibrations of Archangel Sachiel's divine water frequency
  • High quality material made for everyday wear 
  • ​Blessing wearer with urgent financial blessings 
  • ​The power to help you stay connected with Archangel Sachiel and manifest new abundant realities.
The River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet is a powerful protection charm. It can bring you good fortune and miracles if worn or carried so you can call upon Archangel Sachiel at any time of day and ask for his help to attract miracles & protection.

You will start to see unexpected opportunities and miracles that you have prayed for - start to manifest in your life like:

  • ​Miracles for financial abundance - Attract explosive money & wealth and discover the ways of being a good steward.
  • Receive divine energy and strength in difficult times - Feel the presence of Archangel Sachiel whenever help is needed, for your solution and wisdom will be provided by him and the lord.
  • Improving health and vitality - Archangel Sachiel's calming presence shall heal your illness and wounds, both physically and mentally.
  • A wide variety of positive opportunities opening up - it's not unusual to receive godsent guidance and blessings at moments you least expect it.

What's it worth to receive multiple miracle blessings & be always have protection all year round?

I'm sure you'll agree...

When you carry the River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet ...

It's like having an instant connection with Archangel Sachiel, blessing you with good luck, fortune and abundance.

Connecting with Sachiel will feel somewhat like getting cleansed energetically and physically by a vibrant waterfall of love... as his energy also came in from way above.

It is also a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn everyday as a reminder to stay positive and keep your faith strong

People have paid nearly 90 dollars for this bracelet to help them manifest miracles in their live... and it's worth every penny.

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And to enjoy the abundant blessings & miracles that will follow soon after...

60 day 100% money back guarantee

As usual, I am placing the risk completely on my own shoulders. (No wonder my neck is always so tense!)

Try out the River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet for the next 60 days and watch as unexpected miracles comes flooding into your life.

Whatever financial miracles you want help manifesting... Just watch as it manifests for you in your life.
And in the unlikely event, you are not happy- for any reason whatsoever…simply contact me for a full, no quibble refund.

But I really, truly doubt you'll want a refund! Instead, I'll bet you'll be so busy manifesting a new life you won't even think about it!

YES - I wish to claim my River of Wealth Prayer Bracelet to attract financial blessings and manifest my wishes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this bracelet really retail for $90?
Yes, this retails for $90 on our Etsy store.
Does this bracelet really retail for $90?
Yes, this retails for $90 on our Etsy store.
Does this bracelet really have 900 positive reviews?
Yes, we been in this business for over 5 years and has many positive reviews.
Does this bracelet really have 900 positive reviews?
Yes, we been in this business for over 5 years and has many positive reviews.
How Long Does Delivery Take?
We ship from Jerusalem, so delivery is typically within 14-18 business days of placing your order. Do be patient with the delivery as we are usually swarmed with orders
How Long Does Delivery Take?
We ship from Jerusalem, so delivery is typically within 14-18 business days of placing your order. Do be patient with the delivery as we are usually swarmed with orders
What Countries Do You Ship To?
This offer is available to USA, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia residents only.
What Countries Do You Ship To?
This offer is available to USA, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and European residents only.
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